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Beautiful Universe – Pencil Nebula!!

Some 11,000 years ago, people living in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth must have been completely amazed by a ‘short-lived star’ which was sssso bright that it could be seen even in daytime. That suddenly brightened star was at the … Continue reading

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Out there… it is always Diwali!

Spiral Galaxies are definitely some of the most beautifully structured jewels of the Universe – galaxies with a grand design, showcasing elegant patterns of tightly bound bright spiral arms – so pretty! This particular galaxy – known as Messier Object … Continue reading

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The coolest place in the Universe… literally!!

Located 5000 light years from us, this young planetary nebula called the Bow-Tie Nebula or Boomerang Nebula is till now the coldest place ever detected in the universe. It is just one degree warmer than the lowest limit of temperature … Continue reading

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The Nebula that smells like Rotten Eggs!

The new nebula in my list of favorites – The Calabash Nebula – known commonly as The Rotten Egg Nebulae not because it resembles one but because it smells like one – :p well, at least that is what we expect … Continue reading

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From the almost homogeneous universe to the giant structures (galaxies, stars) we see now!!

This is interesting to learn how from an ‘almost’ homogeneous space with a very few tiny density perturbations; these big galaxies, stars, planets were made – how these first ever structures were formed. But it is tough to study that, … Continue reading

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Star Trail …

The Earth rotates around it’s own axis. One of the most amazing consequence of this motion is that the sky appears to move around in circle on the celestial sphere – an effect termed as Diurnal Motion which makes the … Continue reading

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A nebula in our Own Galaxy – The Red Rectangle!

One of the most unusual nebulae of our Milky Way – HD 44179, commonly known as the Red Rectangle is basically a ladder-like structure surrounding a dying sun-like star. This star is now at the end of its lifetime, and … Continue reading

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