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The Bihu of my Grandma’s time!

The Heart of Assamese Art (and culture) – Bihu! Bihu is the main cultural festival of Assam and is celebrated thrice a year – as Rongali Bihu (Assamese New Year, mid-April), Maagh Bihu (harvest festival, mid-January) and Kaati Bihu (mid-October). … Continue reading

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Proud to be an Indian!!

After an incredible journey with Michael Wood in the first episode of ‘The Story of India’, today I watched the second episode of this BBC documentary series. Last time it was mainly a tour from the first few men who … Continue reading

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Sun Temple of India

Supposed to be made by Lord Krishna’s son Samba, the 13th century old Konark Sun Temple of Orissa is unbelievably one of the most famous and beautiful World Heritage Site of entire Indian Subcontinent! The whole building of the temple is … Continue reading

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Gandhijee Said …

Today is the Martyr’s Day – the day when our bapu, the father of my nation – Mahatma Gandhi died. I remember in 2010 when I was in Delhi, on this day we (Me, Nobo and Prasho) went to his … Continue reading

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Proud to be an Indian – 1

INDIA- the Cosmos of Humanity with Unity in Diversity!! Whenever I need to eat alone at home i..e. during most of my dinner time, I always watch some or the other TV series to compensate for the lack of company … Continue reading

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