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Beautiful Universe – Pencil Nebula!!

Some 11,000 years ago, people living in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth must have been completely amazed by a ‘short-lived star’ which was sssso bright that it could be seen even in daytime. That suddenly brightened star was at the … Continue reading

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Out there… it is always Diwali!

Spiral Galaxies are definitely some of the most beautifully structured jewels of the Universe – galaxies with a grand design, showcasing elegant patterns of tightly bound bright spiral arms – so pretty! This particular galaxy – known as Messier Object … Continue reading

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Us and The Universe!

Few days ago I stumbled upon one of the most interesting videos I have ever come across. Titled as ‘The Known Universe’ – this is a video which takes us from the Himalayas to the cosmic horizon – till the … Continue reading

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The coolest place in the Universe… literally!!

Located 5000 light years from us, this young planetary nebula called the Bow-Tie Nebula or Boomerang Nebula is till now the coldest place ever detected in the universe. It is just one degree warmer than the lowest limit of temperature … Continue reading

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From the almost homogeneous universe to the giant structures (galaxies, stars) we see now!!

This is interesting to learn how from an ‘almost’ homogeneous space with a very few tiny density perturbations; these big galaxies, stars, planets were made – how these first ever structures were formed. But it is tough to study that, … Continue reading

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The Stellar Spire Standing Tall!!

The Statue of a Fairy-tale creature poised on a Pedestal!! This is a 92 trillion km long tower of cold gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula inside which stars are expected to be forming. These star-birth areas are seen … Continue reading

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From Fragmentation to Star Formation

From the Protogalactic Gas Mass to Fragments capable of making Stars Last time we saw how and when the earliest protogalaxies are formed and also realised that only the protogalaxies which can cool significantly are capable of forming stars. Now … Continue reading

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