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From the almost homogeneous universe to the giant structures (galaxies, stars) we see now!!

This is interesting to learn how from an ‘almost’ homogeneous space with a very few tiny density perturbations; these big galaxies, stars, planets were made – how these first ever structures were formed. But it is tough to study that, … Continue reading

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From Fragmentation to Star Formation

From the Protogalactic Gas Mass to Fragments capable of making Stars Last time we saw how and when the earliest protogalaxies are formed and also realised that only the protogalaxies which can cool significantly are capable of forming stars. Now … Continue reading

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The First Structure Formation in the Universe

Introduction Guided mainly by the observational data from the local and distant universe, ‘most of the’ cosmologists and astrophysicists believe that we live in a flat universe with the baryons (the visible matter in the universe) accounting for just 5% … Continue reading

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