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A New Pair of Eyes for Humanity

Most of the things that we know about the Universe today is primarily because of the radiation they emit, reflect or absorb. The human eyes are sensitive to the visual range (400 to 750nm) of electromagnetic spectrum. But that does … Continue reading

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The world will end not in Fire but in Ice

This year’s Nobel Prize for Physics was announced this October and it has been awarded to Adam Riess, Brian Schmidt, and Saul Perlmutter for their discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe. Three astronomers taking home the Nobel for … Continue reading

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Second home for Human, if not already occupied – Kepler 22b

Starting with a Good News 🙂 A new twin of Earth has been found! Kepler (a mission by NASA lauched in 2009 to search for exoplanets) has just (on 5th Dec 2011) confirmed an exoplanet in the habitable zone. By … Continue reading

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