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Few amazing videos worth sharing!! :)

Us and The Universe!

Few days ago I stumbled upon one of the most interesting videos I have ever come across. Titled as ‘The Known Universe’ – this is a video which takes us from the Himalayas to the cosmic horizon – till the … Continue reading

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The Bihu of my Grandma’s time!

The Heart of Assamese Art (and culture) – Bihu! Bihu is the main cultural festival of Assam and is celebrated thrice a year – as Rongali Bihu (Assamese New Year, mid-April), Maagh Bihu (harvest festival, mid-January) and Kaati Bihu (mid-October). … Continue reading

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Proud to be an Indian!!

After an incredible journey with Michael Wood in the first episode of ‘The Story of India’, today I watched the second episode of this BBC documentary series. Last time it was mainly a tour from the first few men who … Continue reading

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Proud to be an Indian – 1

INDIA- the Cosmos of Humanity with Unity in Diversity!! Whenever I need to eat alone at home i..e. during most of my dinner time, I always watch some or the other TV series to compensate for the lack of company … Continue reading

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Extreme Physics in Extreme Environments

I have this friend of mine who is not very fond of the idea of people doing astrophysics – he says that a human trying to understand the universe is just like a tiny small bacteria in someone’s body trying … Continue reading

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A Journey into a Black Hole!!

Well, this is more of a CosVid and not really a CosPic, but it is too interesting a thing to be not posted. I stumbled upon it a few days ago while browsing the Youtube. For the ones who are … Continue reading

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