Best of Switzerland

I have always loved Italy more than Switzerland till I got a chance to visit the Mt Titlis – the highest destination peak in Central Switzerland. This is the place where many scenes of my favorite movie DDLJ was shot. We drove from Austria to the small place surrounded by the Alps in Switzerland, from where we had to take a cable car for a Journey of 45 minutes to climb up an altitude of 3020m. This post is just to share few photographs I clicked from this cable car.

The first half-an-hour of the journey was in a small cable car cabin for maximum 6 people. We first saw small cottages below with vast green fields where cows with bells on their neck were grazing, making a soothening synchronised bell sound that would make the whole atmosphere more magical. As we moved up, the fields were gone and we found ourselves on top of a bunch of dark green dense trees through which the land below could not be seen at all.

The Trees and the M0untains

After some more time, the trees were gone too and we were over barren land with Lake Trubsee far below and clouds above it – this was heavenly!!

Trubsee Lake far below

After 30 mins in this small cable car, we were moved to a bigger cable car called the Titlis Rotair to take us to the top along with many other tourists. This is the world’s first revolving cable car. This last part of the journey was all mountains and snow and glaciers and the sky!! Simply Superb!! I have seen snow like this before, but for my family this was the first time and the excitement in their face – Ohh! No wonder Titlis made it to my ‘Most Fav’ list!

Mt Titlis

After reaching the top – we played with the snow, visited a glacier cave with 15m ice above the cave-top, did a little hike and posed with the life-size hardboard cutting of SRK and Kajol (yes yes! They have one :)).. but all these can make another blo-gpost some other day. Till then, enjoy these three photographs – I love all three of them! Have not yet been to a more photogenic place 🙂


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Residing in the Solar System (Milky Way), lost in the beauty of Nature and the vastness of Universe, I am just another Earthling trying to make sense of life!
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9 Responses to Best of Switzerland

  1. wow! awesome photographs of hills. That’s look really amazing.

  2. Cool shots of mountains, hills, trees & snow. That Payaswini Real Estate is obviously huge in Swaziland. Those crazy Africans

    • Panchi says:

      🙂 I dnt really understand what you mean :p

      • You put yr name all over those photos. Looks like real Estate signs maybe. Swizerland = Swaziland in Africa. I was being a smart arse. But I really liked your shots. But how do you say I really liked your shots? So . . .i made a bit of humour. I think the Americans have a name for such humour. not sure what it is. My girlfriend knows – i will ask her, she’s up with all that stuff. Essentially it is a form of clowning and blogs would be an appropriate forum for that. Anyway it’s in the zietgiest – the spirit of the time. You’re a great photographer thanks for sharing your beautiful creativity with us

  3. Udita says:

    baah.. !!

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