My City – Göttingen!

Yesterday my sister pointed out that I have written about Paris, Rome, Kassel, Salzburg and many other places but have not really posted annything about my current address – Göttingen! Well, it is not a place with grand heritage buildings and some magnificent monuments and beautiful lakes and lovely parks. But it is a special unique city – mainly because of it’s vibrant young population conmprising of people from all over the globe.

The Physics Department Garden

Göttingen is truely termed as the City Of Universities. Everywhere you go, you end up being with a bunch of students. Amazing it is. This is like the much bigger version of the North Campus of Delhi. The Georg-August-University boosts of 25,000 students from different parts of the world, a huge impressive library with 5.8 million volumes, 48 nobel prizes in the last Century and an alumni list with people like Otto Hahn and Max Born (founders of Quantum Theory), A. Windaus (discoverer of Vitamin D), Minkowski and Hilbert (laiding fundation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity), the brilliant Mathematician and Astronomer Gauss and many more international scholars.

My Fav Place in Göttingen

In Göttingen, the prettiest place – specially at night, at least for me is the Central Library brilliantly lit up with the dark sky in it’s background. This is like the perfect literal example of ‘Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya’. With more than 4 million volumes, 13,000+ current journal subscriptions, and 13,300 manuscripts – it is one hell of a building. You could see rows and rows of books and journals with tables and chairs scattered at different places with small lamps and laptop charging points nearby. The library closes at 1am at night and till the last moment, you wll never find even one side of any floor empty. Though it stays quiet from dawn till dusk, presence of these numerous students make it a very lively place.

Central Library of Göttingen

The Landmark of the City

The Landmark of Goettingen is ‘The Ganseliesel’ – a lovely bronze statue of a young girl carrying her geese to the market. It is a very old and celebrated ritual to kiss her cheek after every new young doctorate graduate pass their examination – hence making her the most kissed girl in the world 🙂

The Bronze Girl

What makes The City Special for me

Well, I have stayed in the snow-queen Innsbruck for 6 months in Winter and was thrilled by this sparkling white beauty! I have loved loved loved spending another six months in the nearly perfect city of Rome with a feel so unique and special that it captivates anyone who steps in it! And then I am in Göttingen – a rather quiet city (though with a wonderful University) which is made livelier and lovelier by this amazing Indian gang here –


About this group, someday later!! 🙂


About Panchi

Residing in the Solar System (Milky Way), lost in the beauty of Nature and the vastness of Universe, I am just another Earthling trying to make sense of life!
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6 Responses to My City – Göttingen!

  1. t.on.air says:

    Ha! Glad you like the city. I live there.

  2. veena says:

    We love you Panchi 🙂

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