Sun Temple of India

Supposed to be made by Lord Krishna’s son Samba, the 13th century old Konark Sun Temple of Orissa is unbelievably one of the most famous and beautiful World Heritage Site of entire Indian Subcontinent! The whole building of the temple is constructed as an elegantly ornamented chariot of the Sun God with gigantic wheels which are world-famous for their architectural beauty. Last year during spring I had a chance to be in that blessed part of Orissa. A few pictures clicked then –

Sun Temple Wheel

On one side of the temple

Sun Temple Pillars

In front of one of those wheels

Wheel - a Close Up View


About Panchi

Residing in the Solar System (Milky Way), lost in the beauty of Nature and the vastness of Universe, I am just another Earthling trying to make sense of life!
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3 Responses to Sun Temple of India

  1. Thanks for making me aware of these intricate sculptures. You must have been thrilled to see them in person.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. Ratul says:

    Kisuman purona mandir Okol architecturel nohoy heno. Secret code lukai ase bole.. Moi YouTube ot paisilu… Indian researcher ajon a dise… Jene sun temple ot time counting r formula lukai ase

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