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A night-walk in Rome!

I have been told many a times – ‘Once a Stephanian is always a Stephanian. The word Ex-Stephanian does not exist.’ Waiting in Roma Railway Station for Raghav and Jayant (my Stephanian classmates who are studying Nanoscience in Paris) and … Continue reading

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Star Trail …

The Earth rotates around it’s own axis. One of the most amazing consequence of this motion is that the sky appears to move around in circle on the celestial sphere – an effect termed as Diurnal Motion which makes the … Continue reading

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Shades of Blue!!

Thanks to it’s rich history and heritage, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in this World! Full of tourists and a big colourful loud crowd – somehow it is more like my own country than a typical European … Continue reading

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Strength of Love!

When you realise that the beautiful world of your dreams resides just and only in your dreams (and vaguely in some movies)… When the smile becomes more of a curtain to the pain than a natural expression…

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A nebula in our Own Galaxy – The Red Rectangle!

One of the most unusual nebulae of our Milky Way – HD 44179, commonly known as the Red Rectangle is basically a ladder-like structure surrounding a dying sun-like star. This star is now at the end of its lifetime, and … Continue reading

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Proud to be an Indian!!

After an incredible journey with Michael Wood in the first episode of ‘The Story of India’, today I watched the second episode of this BBC documentary series. Last time it was mainly a tour from the first few men who … Continue reading

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Amazed in Amsterdam!

They say – ‘Good Girls Go To Heaven! Bad Girls Go To Amsterdam!!’ But Who Cares!! This is the City of Architecture, the Land of the Tallest People, the Destination for all Diamond-lovers, the Place where Ann Frank lived and the … Continue reading

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