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From Fragmentation to Star Formation

From the Protogalactic Gas Mass to Fragments capable of making Stars Last time we saw how and when the earliest protogalaxies are formed and also realised that only the protogalaxies which can cool significantly are capable of forming stars. Now … Continue reading

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Gandhijee Said …

Today is the Martyr’s Day – the day when our bapu, the father of my nation – Mahatma Gandhi died. I remember in 2010 when I was in Delhi, on this day we (Me, Nobo and Prasho) went to his … Continue reading

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Few Paintings from The Louvre!!

Paris, as I have said earlier, is one of the most beautiful city I have ever been to. Situated in the heart of Paris – The Louvre is the world’s largest and most visited art museum. When I visited this … Continue reading

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A Ring made of Stars!

Forget the diamond rings, there are rings made of stars!!! 600 million light years away in the constellation Serpens lies this unusual-shaped galaxy called Hoag’s Object, which resembles a ring (made of hot, young, massive, blue stars) and a yellow … Continue reading

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Proud to be an Indian – 1

INDIA- the Cosmos of Humanity with Unity in Diversity!! Whenever I need to eat alone at home i..e. during most of my dinner time, I always watch some or the other TV series to compensate for the lack of company … Continue reading

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Wintry Showers in Göttingen!

Last Saturday I woke up to a gloomy, cold, dark German Morning… there was no way that the Sun would come up and to add to it, it was snowing+raining. This type of precipitation is called sleet and is soft … Continue reading

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The First Structure Formation in the Universe

Introduction Guided mainly by the observational data from the local and distant universe, ‘most of the’ cosmologists and astrophysicists believe that we live in a flat universe with the baryons (the visible matter in the universe) accounting for just 5% … Continue reading

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