An Elegant Abstract Art piece from Cosmos!!

Carina Nebula (Credit: NASA/ESA)

One of the largest diffuse nebulae in our sky – The Great Carina Nebula!

This picture presents a wide view of the central region of Carina Nebula by assembling 48 frames clicked by Hubble Space Telescope. This immense nebula contains a few brilliant massive stars, areas where extreme star formation is happening, and places where some massive stars have already self-destructed themselves. Though it is mostly made from hydrogen (like the other star-forming regions), but there are also hints of other elements like oxygen and sulphur (implying that it must have, at least party, been formed from the remnants of earlier generation of stars, only then can these higher elements be formed). In the picture, red region is the sulfur and blue shows the oxygen emission.

For a detailed journey through this nebulae, go through this amazing video embedded below –


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Residing in the Solar System (Milky Way), lost in the beauty of Nature and the vastness of Universe, I am just another Earthling trying to make sense of life!
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8 Responses to An Elegant Abstract Art piece from Cosmos!!

  1. Amazing view and video. Remember Ronald Weinberger showed a highly tagged version of this picture in his first lecture of the Concepts of Galactic Astrophysics? Here is screenshot of the picture that he used:

  2. mast! i believe i cn see a butterfly in there! 😀

    • Panchi says:

      Imaginations taking wings, aah? 🙂 Is your butterfly in the left side of the picture?? Then may be it’s the same as mine!! Do you also see that tiny bird flying to our butterfly from the right hand side?? 🙂 Ohh!! I love this pic!!

  3. yep..d butterfly’s on d left..but it cud also be a robin wid butterfly-like wings.. 😛 😀
    and no..i cnt see d bird on d ryt hand side.. 😦

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