The Special(?) Star – Our Sun!!

That is OUR Sun!! 🙂 (Credit: SDO, NASA)

This is just another medium-sized (with a mass of 2 trillion trillion trillion tons) ordinary star of the 200 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, but is nevertheless special – really special!!! This is our Sun, the star without which neither I will be writing the blog today, nor you will be there to read it.

This particular picture was taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) of NASA. It is an observatory orbiting the Earth since 11th February 2010. Because the Earth is orbiting the Sun and the SDO is orbiting the Earth, it happens sometimes that the Sun, the Earth and the SDO – all line up and the Earth blocks the Sun from SDO’s view – just like the solar and lunar eclipses that we have. On the 29 March 2011 when this beautiful pic was clicked, because Earth is coming on it’s way the lower half of the Sun can not be seen – hence giving us a spectacular view of our Sun!!

For more such amazing views of our sun, watch this video released by NASA after SDO’s completion of one year in orbit-

And, just like that, a quote that I like :
”Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, The moon, and The truth” – Buddha


About Panchi

Residing in the Solar System (Milky Way), lost in the beauty of Nature and the vastness of Universe, I am just another Earthling trying to make sense of life!
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