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A Pulsar and it’s Neighbor!

This is a pulsar (SXP1062) found in a Supernova Remnant of one of the small satellite galaxies of Milky Way. In the right hand side is the Pulsar (white source in the middle of that blue diffuse emission) and the … Continue reading

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A Christmas with A German Family…

For the Christmas this year, I had an invitation from an Assamese lady Meenaxi Ba (who became quite close to me after the Assamese-in-Europe Get Together in Götzis and the North-East-India Anthropology Conference in Göttingen) and her German husband Stefan … Continue reading

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The Rose from the Heaven

This Rose in the Universe is another group of interacting galaxies (Arp 273), this time in the Constellation Andromeda. The larger spiral (UGC 1810) has a disc which resembles a rose due to the effect of gravitational pull of the … Continue reading

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‘Brush strokes on the Canvas of Space’!

This is a Star forming region in the constellation Sagittarius. It is one of the only two star-forming nebulae which can be seen by the earthbound sky-grazers with unaided eyes from mid-northern latitudes. In the time-exposure photographs, this region looks beautifully … Continue reading

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Spectacular Sunrise…

This is a photograph of Sunrise taken from the International Space Station on 27 Aug 2011. We, from earth see one sunrise (and 1 sunset) every 24 hours because the earth completes one rotation around it’s axis in this amount … Continue reading

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The Photogenic Galaxy named ‘Whirlpool’!!

This is another famous interacting galaxy pair – a well-defined, pretty, gorgeous, face-on spiral galaxy M51 and it’s companion – the dwarf irregular NGC 5195. Though much much smaller, this companion, according to simulations is the main reason behind the … Continue reading

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An Elegant Abstract Art piece from Cosmos!!

One of the largest diffuse nebulae in our sky – The Great Carina Nebula! This picture presents a wide view of the central region of Carina Nebula by assembling 48 frames clicked by Hubble Space Telescope. This immense nebula contains … Continue reading

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